Technical Competence – our coaches are psychologists with specialised training in psychological coaching, assuring the users of this service a solid basis of understanding of the human being in its biopsychosocial dimension and the processes of learning and behavioural change.

Humanism – we respect human being as the central pillar of our activity in all contexts where we can intervene as coaches (individuals, teams, organisations and families)

Ethics and Professional Deontology – the professional practice of our members is properly framed by national organisations that regulate the practice of Psychology in all its aspects and internationally, by the norms of the American Psychological Association.

Quality – our certification programmes for Psychologists as coaches follow the most advanced norms of the profession, ensuring a high standard of quality in providing psychological coaching services.

Pluralism and tranculturality – we are a global organisation of coaching psychologists who value the practice of psychological coaching in and inclusive context that respects the plurality of cultures existing in all countries.